You're Married, Now What?

I'm married, so do I change my name now?

First things first, you'll recieve an email from the Regirstry of Births, Deaths & Marriages stating your Celebrant has registered your marriage and it is now legally binding. This will give you the prompt you need to begin the dreaded aftermath of getting married... Starting with, how do I change my name?


Apply for your Marriage Certificate

Your Celebrant is responsible for filing the appropriate paperwork and registering your marriage with the Australian Births, Deaths & Marriages Office. You do not automatically receive a standard marriage certificate (i.e. the official certificate that looks like your Australian Birth Certificate) after getting married. You need to apply and pay a fee.

Learn how to apply for a standard marriage certificate.

Processing your marriage registration and certificate application forms can take up to 5 business days. If you apply for the certificate before your marriage is registered, they will post the certificate when it is ready.


Legally change your name

If you're planning to, that is! Changing your name on Facebook and Twitter is the easy part, but you also need to make time to do it legally. You will need your ID documents (Birth Certificates, Drivers Licence, Passport, etc.), and the official marriage certificate mentioned above.

All you need to do is take your ID documents and your newly recieved Marriage Certificate to all the offical places and tell them you want to take your spouse's last name. It's as simple as that. Marriage to your spouse means you both can legally use one another's names. (It's not always the bride who must change their last name ;-P)

A few places to start:

  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport
  • Medicare
  • My Gov
  • ATO
  • Doctor’s Office / Medical Records
  • Your work
  • Your local Council
  • Private Health Insurance

A quick tip! If you change your name at the Department of Transport and Medicare first, these 2 ID's will make it easier to change your name everywhere else.


Tell your Employer

Whether you choose to change your name or not, you should still let the human resources department at your employer know that you’re married—definitely one of the most important things to do after getting married. Changes will likely need to be made to your tax information and documents.


Review your Vendors

Your wedding vendors worked tirelessly to make your day feel so magical and special. Consider returning the favour by posting a great review on their social media page or their website. It's a great way to express your gratitude and help your vendors grow their business. And don't just do it for them — do it so other couples can discover your amazing makeup artist or fabulous florist.


Don't forget to preserve your wedding dress!

I did not do this, and I regret it. Seriously. No matter what you wore to your wedding, it’s a good idea to have your attire cleaned as soon as possible after the big day so that any dirt or stains don’t set in. If you’re headed on your honeymoon immediately after your wedding, you can enlist a family member or friend to drop off your attire to the cleaners. It can take many weeks to properly clean and preserve a wedding dress, so it’s best to get the process started sooner rather than later.

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